Relationship Therapy

Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO)

There is no way around the fact that we need each other. Profoundly. Life’s greatest moments and its most painful ones all involve the people who matter to us most. Early in my career as a counsellor/psychotherapist supporting individuals, I realised that people often reach a plateau level of contentment and growth in their life that is directly defined by the relationships they are in. At this point, their relationships would either shift and expand to allow for more or they would come to an end, or they would continue in a state of disharmony. For this reason, I trained in couples therapy in 2014 and have been supporting couples through times of transition, growth and conflict ever since. It is some of my most fulfilling work. More recently I discovered an approach to relationship therapy called Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO) which has truly blown my mind in its capacity to solve conflicts, grow empathy and cultivate closeness. It is a profound process for couples and for any other kind of relationship. I now incorporate IFIO into my work in a way that is bespoke to each relationship/couple I have the privilege to support.

I have also trained as a conflict mediator in order to be equipped to work with coupes in their most intense periods of conflict, including supporting them through separation and co-parenting conversations.

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